The Story of How Art Through Vintage began…

Maegan Hayward (owner of East Village Vintage Collective) often walks around her East Village neighborhood and appreciates the wonderful art that appears on the streets. One day while walking around she came across a mural she absolutely loved, snapped a pic and posted it on Instagram with a tag to the artist @art_by_eyebrows. Much to her surprise, Eyebrows wrote back with a thank you for posting and tagging which struck up a conversation about a possible collaboration. Time passed by quickly as it often does with lots of plans between Eyebrows and Maegan to do a collaboration with her store and his art. They talked art shows, denim jackets and more, but life kept getting in the way of something actually coming to fruition. Fast forward to COVID-19. The two checked in on each other to see how the other was doing and started talking collab again. “Maybe we could do something after this is all over,” “maybe we could do something sooner,” “could we really even do anything with all this mess going on around us??”

We need to do something big to help the store which has now had to close its doors, and that can also help NYC artists who are struggling as well due to this horrible pandemic. This brought about the idea for Art Through Vintage. Art Through Vintage is the collaborative project of EVVC and thefl00d, which was launched to help both our small business and NYC artists stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, and also to facilitate an expressive outlet for us all during this scary time. Vintage items from the shop have been contactlessly delivered to artists who have added their mark. These items are being auctioned off with 50% going to the artists and 50% to the store in the hopes to get financial help to both entities and some releif from where the world is today with an outlet through a love of vintage and art.

Funny side note: to this day Maegan and Eyebrows have still not met in person. They look forward to giving each other a hug to make them strong after all this is over. We’re all sure gonna need it!