Snacks Attack!

Snacks Attack! is the brainchild of Snacks the dog, Maegan Hayward owner of East Village Vintage Collective & Sara Ann Rutherford of Greenwell Goods!

How it all started: Maegan (& her partner Alex) adopted Snacks in 2017. As Maegan weeded through vintage clothing to sell at her store she would often come across pieces that were made of beautiful fabrics but that had a stain or some damage here and there. She couldn’t bare to get rid of these beautiful time pieces so she started saving them with the hopes that she could repurpose them and make outfits for Snacks. One problem, Maegan can’t sew!

2020 came along and boy was it a doozy. But one good thing that happened out of all the mess was that Maegan’s pal Sara learned to sew and started her company Greenwell Goods! Maegan & Sara (who also loves dogs) had a chat and decided to join forces to bring vintage dog clothing to the world! Snacks Attack for dogs was born!

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