Brooklyn’s 0H10M1ke wanders the streets of NYC, drawing portraits on the spot in 1 minute with one line, completing over 13,000 on the inside of matchbooks. Known for his 0H10 tag in graffiti and streetart, as well as zines and book arts, portraiture and performance, and live digital drawing with his band @dan_freeman_c0m1x. He’s just released his F1RST PR1NT, EVER with @solasstudionyc.


Alex Itin

Alex Itin is a Brooklyn-based multimedia artist, whose powerful and energetic work can be found written, painted, or pasted around New York City and Brooklyn. A veteran of the New York art scene, his work has hung next to those of his idols (De Kooning and Kline) at the prestigious Allan Stone Gallery. His wearable art (painted hats and accessories) have been featured in magazines such as Elle and Vogue.


Allison Madrial Ranney of Pounce

Pounce is a Queens-based brand that celebrates the power and beauty in women one tee at a time.


Anna Lawrence

Anna Lawrence is a visual artist living in Ridgewood, New York. She is a multi-media artist who explores ideas of erasure, memory, reconfigurations and repression.



Austin Tabor

Austin Tabor


Betty Rubble

Statement from Betty Rubble: As an artist, I work hard to paint rocks that cause people to reconsider common objects as clues to our deeper story–where we’ve been, where we’re headed–as a world and as individuals. My rocks ask viewers to consider how mass industrialization and its subsidiaries pollute the individual psyche. How consumerism controls humans. How modern marketing pervades our innermost spheres, creeping into personal narratives, memories, value systems, biases, and choices, and in doing so, becomes us. The rocks inspire viewers to explore the depth to which modern consumers consume.

My process involves finding a rock that triggers a memory in me. Typically I connect with a rock shaped like an object I once owned, desired or found absurd. The first rock that triggered an association for me was shaped and sized like a late 90s Nokia cell phone. Certain rocks hold no immediate association but are physically special. Their size, shape, and/or texture is rare. I can contemplate a rock for years before it inspires an association.

John Berger says works of art are simply images among images. My rocks are simply rocks among rocks. The products and objects they’re modeled after are simply products and objects among products and objects.

The mental and digital ephemera we wade through in stores and on sidewalks are stand-ins for the real thing: the desired attribute they embody to the consumer. Just as products are stand-ins that allow marketers to sell desired outcomes, and brands are stand-ins that allow marketers to sell desired products, my rocks are stand-ins for products and brands that are stand-ins for desired outcomes. As consumerism grows more sophisticated, so too does mass marketing. The cultural conversation around these market forces grows more complex and more embedded in the universal, global conversations at humanity’s core.

I attempt to flip the viewer’s relationship to the literal and visual language of sidewalk ephemera: rubble and trash. Rocks and packaging, both ubiquitous and worthless, discarded peanut shells of consumer society. Pieces of cities we construct and implode over and over. Wrappers on blank products we rip off over and over. The twin sides of a product–mass and veneer, shaped by natural and man-made forces that also shape us as humans.

I’m inspired by all the old rich white pop artists and hyperrealists whose work you can see in museums: Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, Ron Mueck, Jeff Koons, Tip Toland and Damien Hirst. I’m also inspired by all the fake food I’ve seen in stores and restaurants and the fast food marketing images on TV and in person growing up.



Brandon Sines, creator of Frank Ape

Brandon Sines work has reached an international audience with his original character Frank Ape. Over the past two years Sines was awarded a 100 foot two dimensional installation at the World Trade Center, hand painted murals around NYC, and was featured on Link NYC’s digital Kiosks as part of #ArtOnLink.  Sines’ work was featured last year on the Guggenheim Museum’s digital platforms as part of the Guggenheim’s official 60th Anniversary.

Shortly after moving to New York City in 2010, Sines combined his use of mythological creatures, pop icons, and made up characters into a completely new character called Frank Ape. Frank Ape is a mystical creature who lives in New York City amongst the humans but without human restrictions. Frank has special powers, that even he continues to discover as he is tested by the many challenges of life. Frank embodies positivity and equality, and cares about all living things.


Bree Chapin

Bree Chapin is a visual artist based in New York City. Her work is known for bright, aggressive colors and feverish imagery.

Artist statement: “I paint to keep from screaming.”




Buttsup AKA Buttless Supreme is an iconic, irreverent figure who is a cartoon monkey-esque character with a butt-like head. What’s not to love? The artist behind Buttsup has been making art in the streets and in galleries of NYC and all over the world for 20 years. Breaking the “graffiti rules” and living somewhere between graffiti and street art, Buttsup represents the silly and irreverent side of street art. Never one to take himself too seriously. He has collaborated with many artists on canvas and on walls. Recently he has been producing more large scale murals. He’s shown in galleries and in public nationally and internationally.




MJ is the artist behind Chapter23. The symbol has been spray painted in the streets of New York City since June 23rd 2016. 10 years earlier Chapter23 appeared in MJ’s mind. Chapter23 is/has a story & it’s all yours.


Charlie DiMascio

Statement from Charlie DiMascio: The aesthetic qualities of my paintings and drawings derive from the visual nuances and patterns that call my attention in everyday life. I attempt to emulate such captivating experiences by using color relationships that vibrate, by playing off psychological associations with forms, and by arranging compositions in ways that achieve a strong balance and presence within the confines of a 2D plane. I hope such attempts might add to the possibilities and language of visual experimentation. Below the surface level of my work, I sometimes pull from a conceptual framework that manifests through direct and indirect symbolism; such as undertones of environmentalism, spirituality, socio-political tensions, and psychological disorder.

I grew up in Los Angeles county and received my BFA in painting from SFAI in 2014. I am currently based in Brooklyn, NY.




Statement from CherryBomb: I am a 32-year-old, Brooklyn born, self-taught artist and writer. I’ve grown up loving the arts and anything creative. My mother worked in the Brooklyn Museum and every weekend I would roam around taking in all the beautiful pieces, then go home and create my own. My dad is a self-taught artist as well but he never got into anything big. I can’t help but create. I get ideas, I put them on paper, canvas, or wherever…give me a napkin, I’ll draw on it. I just like the idea of creating something that’s meaningful to someone else. I want people to be emotionally connected with the artwork they encounter.



City Kitty

For the past 10 years NYC-based street artist City Kitty: has been pasting elaborate, hand-drawn scenes of an adventurous street cat onto buildings and alleyways throughout North America and Europe. Best known for his large-scale drawings of cats and humans with extraneous facial features, City Kitty has created an alternate urban reality with a touch of double vision and a psychedelic twist. His work is featured prominently on the streets of New York, London, Barcelona and Berlin, among others.



Cooe Quickstop

Statement from Cooe Quickstop: New York based artist, I have been making art for the last 26 years. Originally a delivery worker for a printing company, which was a perfect combo for my art passion. My evolution into art allowed me to introduce other elements to my skills, extend the range of my talent and grow further. My use of the gallery environment has allowed me to challenge the boundaries of other artists utilizing different methods which explore the depth of movement and composition.


D Borkel

Polymorphic artist D Borkel lives in Franklin Square, New York. Self-taught in the mid-80s, D Borkel had an airbrush t-shirt company called the Air Wear Shop, sold the name to Dr Martens and never stopped painting.


Dame One

Dame One is a Queens-based street “bomber” who is trying to change the world.


Dave Navarro (lifeafterdeath) & Laney Chantal

Dave Navarro (lifeafterdeath) is an LA/NYC based street artist, bringing awareness and normalization surrounding the stigma of mental health issues. His #traumakidsmovement aims to share strength through sharing trauma experiences. Our deepest darkest fears and feelings are sometimes that which unites us, not matter how great or small.

Laney Chantal is a special effects make up artist, and creature creator whose original prosthetics and masks can be seen in many films, on television and in dozens of music videos. Laney has also sculpted and created designs that can be on stage with such bands as Rob Zombie, Lil Nas, My Chemical Romance and Slipknot.



Delphine Le Goff

Delphine Le Goff moved to NYC 15 years ago from Paris. She works in Visual Merchandising (Saks, Anthropologie, Bergdorf Goodman, to name a few). But most importantly she doesn’t forget to not take herself seriously!


DM Weeks

DM Weeks is a visually impaired artist with roots in Philadelphia and the Pine barrens. Mostly known for his “Hand of God” (2010-16) project using thermo-plastic installations of cast lego mini figures in public places. His interdisciplinary knowledge allows him to move between projects and bodies of work as to not get limited by the trappings of the “Brand” creation seen across the art spectrum.

Currently DM Weeks lives in Brooklyn, NY focusing on a larger more expressive body of work. In these larger works vivid mark making is done across a dream like darkness where he uses thoughtful gestural line to convey a wide range of frantic emotion. The imagery and their feverish marks often return to an idea of fight or flight, love or abandonment, and the effort to capture the fleeting.

“The darkness plays like the silence of a room before the first note. The marks start as an invitation to listen, begin to layer and find connection between their pitch, and finally build to a fever where their vibrations become a steady hum.”


Ed Heck

Fresh. Bold. Engaging. These words often come to mind upon viewing the work of Ed Heck.

A native New Yorker, Heck’s career is as paradoxical as the universe he paints. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts, he went on to work at the American Museum of Natural History. His detailed drawings can be found throughout the museum’s fossil halls. Although these carefully considered renderings might at first seem at odds with the unique universe of his imagination, they in fact represent two sides of the same coin. While Ed Heck’s works on paper and canvas have lost all the excess baggage of detail, they are distilled into an essence that can only be the result of the most focused of study.

His enigmatic canvases were first exhibited in New York City in 1999 and were an instant hit. Interest and demand continue to grow and Heck’s work can now be found in galleries around the world. Ed has written and illustrated numerous children’s books including Monkey Lost, Big Fish, Little Fish and his own line of board books from Penguin Publishing titled “ED HECK Just Board.” His images have been licensed on apparel, home furnishings, dog toys, and a line of Ed Heck luggage and travel accessories.


Elena Wolfe

Statement from Elena Wolfe: The first gallery show I participated in was in December 2018. It was a group show with the help of a street artist named Hektad, who helped me get a spot in a Mike Shulte NYC affordable art holiday show. Soon after, I got more into taking my hobby more seriously from tagging up walls to doing more group shows. It’s been a fun journey so far doing what I love and I’ll see where it takes me.


Erin Silvers

Statement from Erin Silvers: Zingara (Gypsy) was born almost a decade ago. By essence, Zingara is a full sensory experience. It’s the things, the objects, garments , the treasures that are the travelers and it’s my job to tell their stories not only by creating environments to temporarily house these modern artifacts and to find worthy homes for them, but to restore and revive them. That is my art. I fully and meticulously restore garments that might otherwise end up in the garbage. I clean, patch , stitch, and rebuild each piece. These days I’ve been restoring antique fabrics with lace patches. Zingara is constantly evolving.



Rooted from Michigan, FireFlower is a mixed-media artist based in Queens, New York.

Inspired by light, nature, and EDM, her use of vibrant colors, and abstract graphics portray the evolution of a strong female spirit.


Hannah Soule Powderly

Hannah Soule Powderly is a Brooklyn based artist & photographer and the founder of Don’t Quit Your Day Job Productions. Hannah paints whimsical pop art portraits of people and animals reflecting a unique viewpoint on the world and is a sought-after fashion & event photographer in New York City. Her “Seeing Heads & Animal Pops” Collection will be featured for a 2 week residency at Leroy’s Place Gallery at the end of May 2020 and is available for pre-sale on DQYDJP.com. Hannah is currently working on her new collection, “Octo Pops” for an upcoming gallery show and she welcomes private commissions.



HISSxx is a Queens-based street artist best known for their signature alien cat character.




A born creative, iheartgraffiti became a street artist less than a year ago after participating in an Adidas-sponsored wheat pasting workshop taught by street artist sacsix.


J. Eric Cook

J. Eric Cook is a printmaker and painter hand-making and -crafting out of his Brooklyn studio, Ad Tumulum Arts. When not in quarantine, Eric is found several days a week in Washington Square Park, making art with Mollie’s Mysterious Mono- type Machine. While in quarantine, he is painting commissioned portraits, carving lino, pressing ink, and collaborating with extraordinary people.



Jay Jansen

Jay Jansen is known for making something out of nothing, the overlooked enchanting, and the unused beautiful. Her work is here to push the confines that are given as to what is a usable and precious material. Ms Jansen’s goal is to change the way a person looks at the physical and see new artistry in an uncommon space.


Jenny Zhao

Statement from Jenny Zhao: My journey as an artist started in Shanghai where I spent three years learning about and working with Sumi ink with my grandfather. Much of my art is created with the technique of ink washing using solely Sumi ink on rice paper. Currently, much of my art revolves around the theme of nature with heavy emphasis on mountain landscapes and flora. I operate mostly with black and grey hues with occasional colors reserved for flowers when they appear in my paintings.


Jessica Lauren

Jessica Lauren is a Colombian born, New York raised & based artist, with a BFA from Pratt Institute. The chosen medium shifts often and heavily, though oil paint is preferred to create illustrative, surrealist pieces using Jessica’s own language of anatomical symbols mixed with real world objects and creatures to discuss personal truths, societal taboos, and political injustices.



Jim Tozzi

Jim Tozzi was born in 1967, grew up in Everett Massachusetts. Attended Rhode Island School of Design, Illustration major, graduated in 1991. Moved to New York City, worked as a cel painter, inker and animater at Broadcast Arts. Directed music videos for Mercury Rev, Moby, Surfbort. Commercial director for Miller Lite, Sony, Kelloggs, etc. Character designer for WonderShowzen. Co-creator and producer of Xavier Renegade Angel on Adult Swim. Currently painting, drawing, making puppets and doing low level graffiti crimes with Bert’s Tit.



Kelly Foss

Statement from Kelly Foss: I’m a full-time artist living and working in New York City. Along with selling my art online, I also teach workshops in NYC and beyond, and I write art-centric articles for drawingamerica.com. I’ve moved around the States (Georgia, New Mexico, Vermont, Texas, Hawaii, New York). Art has been my hometown. I started my art career doing pop art and other styles. I love drawing and painting in a realistic way, so I did 4+ years of classical, academic training. I am currently playing with putting my realism portraits and figures in more modern/abstract surroundings.



Kim Tateo

Kim Tateo is an artist who paints her feelings into worlds of whimsy. A common theme for her work is interconnectedness — to each other as humans and to the Earth. Her work moves between releasing feelings into abstract expressions and creating magical worlds which are meant to be the unseen spaces where all hearts are connected. Her work is meant to evoke a sense of dreaming, playfulness, peace and gently pull on the heartstrings of whimsy that are in all beings. ♥




Klo is a painter, illustrator, photographer and street artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Klo first came to New York in 2013 where she had studied illustration at The School of Visual Arts.

Klo’s works discuss topics such as gender politics, feminism, and breast cancer. Klo’s approach to her work is rough, raw, and truthful; their mission is to show their version of “beauty”. Klo’s work provides acceptance in a world full of insecurities.


Krissy Harper

Krissy Harper is a New York based artist with a background in visual merchandising. She has been designing & creating for as long as she can remember. From a young age she was passionate about sewing, stationery, fashion magazines & all things vintage. Inspired by her passions, she creates handmade, one-of-a-kind greeting cards & gifts for her company, Ettatorials. Her work has been featured in several publications including Newsday & Design Sponge. In addition, she is the co-owner of unique, gift shop, wit & whim, in Port Washington, NY. ​When not conjuring up a new design, she can be found roller skating, running in the park, searching for the perfect red lipstick or paging through her collection of vintage Vogue magazines.



Le Crue Eyebrows

Le Crue Eyebrows is an independent artist focused on the free motion and sporadic thought to surface creative process. Using multiple media formats and tools to create a comical, surreal, and bizarre structure to spontaneously construct a multiple dimension passageway of joy and mystery. Eyebrows was born and raised and is working in NYC. Eyebrows was developed to remove the artist from the art and the viewer from the creator.


Lee Masterson

Lee Masterson , lives and works in New York, NY. Masterson was awarded fellowships at the Vermont Studio Center, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Brooklyn Media Arts, and a combined Brooklyn Arts Council and NEA grant. His work is in collections including the Grassi Museum (Leipzig, German), the Smithsonian Libraries (Washington, DC), Cooper Hewitt (New York, NY), Cedar Rapids Museum of Art (Cedar Rapids, IA),Christian Peterson Museum (Ames, IA), and Long House Reserve (East Hampton, NY). His conceptual and street art book (Volume One) is the first artist book digitized for the Smithsonian’s Digital Library. Working across many mediums he has performed, installed and exhibited his work internationally.

Masterson graduated from the University of Iowa in 2008 with his Bachelor of Fine Arts. He continued his education at the Rhode Island School of Design, earning his Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics in 2011.



Leroy’s Place

Founder and Creative Director of Leroy’s Place, illustrator Serene Bacigalupi has had exhibitions of her work at Oleander Gallery in New Orleans and Art on 5th Gallery in Austin. She has participated in group shows in Brooklyn, Chicago, San Francisco, and LA. Her whimsical collection of monster paintings and illustrated acrylic jewelry has been featured on VH1, and in Refinery 29, Daily Candy, Nylon Magazine, and TimeOut New York. She has co-directed two acclaimed short-films in Puppetry, and recently opened an immersive brick and mortar gallery for the Leroy’s Place collective in Brooklyn.



Lina Noel

Native New York artist, Lina Noel presents a collection of wearable sculpture. Juxtaposing together the style of her European heritage with iconic images of city glamour, each hand-carved piece embodies organic forms of nature.



Luis F. Perez

Luis F. Perez is an artist and a co-founder of Lost Breed Culture. He was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Being raised by non-English speaking parents, Luis was forced to learn the English language on his own. Not only did Luis learn English quickly, but he also excelled rapidly in all of his subjects. Art was no exception and his teachers soon recognized his talent. Art making was the only activity that created a sense of balance for Luis early on. Some of his earliest memories are of him drawing on every surface available to him, which allowed his creativity and imagination to manifest. Since he didn’t have the means for art supplies, he was resourceful and used whatever he found around him to make his ideas come to life: cardboard boxes, wood panels, walls—everything became a canvas. He “even scraped paint off the walls” to create imagery.

Luis collaborated on his first mural in 7th grade, a triptych for Sunset Park Pool, and subsequently received an award from the Mayor for his work. In junior high school, he became interested in graffiti and the underground culture that propagated the art form in NYC. This culture became the outlet he needed to stay out of trouble. During his high school years, Luis spent most of his time drawing and writing. Although he still excelled in all of his classes, he felt bored and unchallenged. It was around this time that Luis started working with children in an after-school program in his neighborhood. He started as group counselor and eventually became the Assistant Art Director of the program.

Although he has no formal training, Luis’s background includes a comprehensive list of creative outlets. Aside from painting, he taught himself how to screen print and is a skilled graphic designer. Luis is also an accomplished carpenter, builder, and lighting designer. As a lover of all things creative, Luis counts music and writing as other life passions. While in pursuit of these other creative endeavors, Luis took a long hiatus from painting. It was his daughter’s passion for art that rekindled his life-long interest in creating artwork again. He finds that his creative ventures have always been the foundation of who he is and that his development as an artist is an important—and inevitable—part of his life.



Marzipan Physics

Marzipan Physics is both a fictional extraterrestrial physicist & an NYC-based street artist. Her realm is populated by cosmic & sub-atomic motifs, digital icons, and stylistic influences ranging from art deco to to anime. These diverse elements, with the enigmatic Marzipan as their centerpiece, come together in what could be called a visual rendering of the artist’s mental landscape, including symbols, visions and memories that are both specific and universal.


Max Heaton

Max Heaton is an NYC-based visual artist. His work media include spray paint, acrylic paint and oil pastel on canvas, paper or clothing. Max is an abstract/figurative painter and drawer exploring themes of life, death, conflict, psychedelica and the human condition.


Mia Bauman

Mia Bauman. Born in Texas. Self-made in Oregon. Living and working in NYC as a makeup artist. Cat lover and vintage fanatic.



Miishab is a New York city based fine artist who grew up in Savannah, GA and Los Angeles, CA. Impacted by both geographies, her work mixes the bright colors, psychedelics, and metallics of the west coast with a funky, folk-y Georgia style. She works largely in spray paint, acrylic, heat-embossed gold, pencil, resin, and watercolor.

When Amanda first moved to New York she was bowled over by the artwork she saw all along city streets. She began adding her own pieces to the avenues, loving the opportunity to present in a space where her work could be seen by anyone and everyone. Amanda also enjoys the transition of street art: seeing artworks get removed from their sheltered home, to be slowly torn up, written on and, over time, evolved into part of the fabric of the city.

Amanda’s art has been described as “otherworldly” and “modern psychedelic art.”




Street artist MILT1 is known across all five boroughs since the late 90s for his original, big and bold bubble letters, ghost M characters and stencils. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, and raised in Queens and Brooklyn, New York. Known by many for his rabble-rousing way with words and for spreading his message worldwide with a graffiti-poetry concept called Aerosol Anxiety.


Natalie Bedon

Statement from Natalie Bedon: I’m a Queens native and have been blessed to grow up in a city where beauty can be found all around us. My work is influenced by Picasso and Oswaldo Guyasamin who where great at capturing a person’s true soul in a work of art. Female/queer power also play important roles for me and I am glad to be able to share my art with the world.


Natasha Quam

Natasha Quam is a self-taught Rockaway Beach-based artist and curator whose work explores the synthesis of the natural and unnatural, the old and the new. Quam has been featured on CheddarTV, Numero Tokyo, MFMag, Architectural Digest, Gunwash, and L Magazine. An early denizen of the online DIY movement, she has exhibited at Pitchfork, Renegade, Best of the Northwest, the Brooklyn HipHop Festival, No Coast, and many more, as well as brought her pop-up boutique Suite Shop to Chicago, Portland, Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago.


Phat Dimi

Statement from Phat Dimi: My name is Dimitris Blako and I am a street artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up in Greece I have come to appreciate the cycladic culture a lot and I try to carry that culture with me as inspiration for my projects. I started painting walls when I was 15 mostly with spray cans but lately I am trying to understand more how to paint with brushes in order to achieve that effect of a canvas painting on a mural. Last summer I got to paint a piece on Houston St, NY, portraying the cycladic statues and was very happy with the feedback of the graffiti community but also the locals.


PJ O’Rourke II

PJ O’Rourke II is an East Village based artist with a shoppe at 434 East 11th St. He got his name hustling in the subway system, working his way up to having a shoppe.




Born in Riga, Latvia. United States Citizen. Based out of New York.

Actor known for StartUp, The Purge: Election Year, Person Of Interest, The Blacklist, The Americans, Lingua Franca, Brighton Beach, Madam Secretary, Daredevil, Strangers…

Artist known for RabidArtWork (RAW). RAW pieces are painted by utilizing various mediums. The work has a unique feel and style, often highly colorful, detailed, and filled with original creatures. RAW art has appeared on the streets around the world and is concentrated in New York. Each piece may be identified by an original ambigram spelling out RAW.



Rebecca Duckert

Rebecca Duckert is an entrepreneur/dancer/story-teller/maker originally from New Orleans. In the five years since she moved to NYC, she has brought the vibrancy and spirit of her hometown to her new home in various ways: she is the Founder of Sweetface Snoballs, serving up authentic New Orleans-style shaved ice at local markets, festivals, and private events, as well as the Co-Founder and Choreographer of Big Apple Babes, a body-positive, diverse, all-women’s dance group that performs at parades and community events all around New York.


RH Doaz

RH Doaz is a contemporary painter, illustrator, and muralist. Drawing much inspiration from within the nostalgia of Hungarian textile patterns, the natural world, and hand illustrated books of his youth, Doaz creates paintings which are whimsical yet stoic in imagery and composition. Doaz’s work often explores the calming effects of pattern work contrasted with the emotional response to bold and colorful palettes. At first glance, his birds and other subject matter often seem friendly but upon closer inspection have an underlying seriousness. His characters are a reflection of the aesthetic of imperfection in life that is not often contemplated.



RiRiPurpose by Ariana Valdes

RiRiPurpose by Ariana Valdes is dedicated to finding new life and purpose in items no longer regularly used and is constantly striving to take one man’s trash, but make it FASHION!

An eclectic mix of vintage toys, clothing, and second hand items, broken jewelry and beads, plastic and metal, puzzle pieces and board games, and other traditionally single use discarded and salvaged objects, these items are upcycled and repurposed into unique, funky, and colorful artwork and jewelry that will definitely make you think twice the next time you throw something away! “RETHINK. REUSE. RiRiPURPOSE!”



Rocko Rupert

Rocko Rupert is a Bushwick-based artist whose craft merges carpentry, sculpture, process-based abstraction, street art and illustration.



Statement from Roycer: The ghost reflects and masks my identity as it relates to the work I do on the streets and how I depict the ghost in a peaceful – almost playful – manner that expresses the reality of who you are. It’s important for the viewers to distinguish that the inner self is at the heart of my art work while your physical self is absent from the spotlight.


Sara Ann Rutherford

Sara Ann Rutherford grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and rural Western Pennsylvania. Her interest in creating began at an early age, and after high school, Sara Ann studied painting independently, honing her style. She describes her painting process as stream of consciousness, with each painting often being completed in one intense session. Her work has been featured in the inaugural issue of Dumbo Living Magazine. Currently, she has a solo exhibition at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. Sara Ann lives in Brooklyn, New York with her partner and rescued pit bull, Tyson.


Savior Elmundo

Savior Elmundo is a renaissance man; an accomplished dancer, choreographer, artist, and filmmaker who is driven by his passion for creative expression. Born in 1973, in Harlem New York, Savior had the privilege of coming up in the epicenter of the emergence of hip- hop while catching the tail end of an epic art scene in New York City. The convergence of these two worlds informed this young man of the possibilities of the unresolved passions within him.


Sean Slaney

Sean Slaney is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in New York City. In addition to regularly showing his art in galleries, Slaney works as a commercial artist in window display creating murals, sculptures, and installations for luxury department stores which have included Barney’s NY, and Bergdorf Goodman. He has customized goods for Louis Vuitton, designed patterns for clothing, painted murals internationally and built commissioned sculptures. His work is equal parts playful and perverse, sunny and sly, frequently making use of spray-paint with stencils and more traditional naturalistic modes of painting, creating his own brand of Post Pop Art.




Artist Stephanie F. Grajales is a contemporary artist specializing in pop art. Her work has been recognized for nearly two decades and earned her A.A.S. at the prestigious Johnson and Wales University. Currently a pastry chef for a luxury brand, Stephanie has incorporated her love of both pop and street art into her work to create a truly unique style due to her colorful palette and often recognizable subject matter. Her work has been showcased in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Hawaii and Brazil. Stephanie resides in Brooklyn and is continually growing her body of work by pushing the boundaries of her fearless medium experimentation.



Shadowboxer emerges from the shadows every so often with no real intent in mind.


Shauna Leone

Shauna Leone has enjoyed a busy career designing costumes for a wide array of theatrical productions, including plays, musicals, dance performances, resort entertainment, commercials, album covers, feature length theatrically released films, and TV movies. Her work in film and television ranges from psychological dramas and dark thrillers like Zipper and Eli Roth’s The Last Exorcism, to comedies like Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant’s Hell Baby and MTV’s Worst.Prom.Ever.

Shauna’s costume design for theatre has been recognized by the Los Angeles Stage Alliance with an Ovation Award nomination for the original musical The Possession Of Mrs. Jones. As a member of the nationally acclaimed New Orleans theatre company, The NOLA Project, she has designed and constructed couture inspired ensembles for the regional premiere of David Adjmi’s Marie Antoinette for which she received a 2016 Big Easy Award, as well as styled and built costumes with a contemporary but timeless perspective for numerous Shakespeare plays. She is currently nominated for this year’s Big Easy Award for her work on The NOLA Project’s original play The Henchman.



Sienna Scarritt

Multimedia artist from LA, Sienna Scarritt makes colorful abstract paintings, draws tattoo-insired images on clothing, and writes (synth) pop songs. She practices yoga and other forms of movement and likes to hang out with her five animals. Sienna is currently working on “Cheapskate” — her line of hand-painted and up-cycled clothing, as well as making paintings. She is also preparing to release her debut EP next month!


Simply Chaotic

Statement from Simply Chaotic: There is so much more to being an artist than what people see. There is a sense of purpose my art brings. My art is a silencer to the endless whispers and visions clawing behind my eyes. I am constantly questioning my existence and my connection to other humans. At times I struggle with this generation where one craves simplicity. As Tori, I accept my mortality, but as Simply Chaotic, there is potential for permanence.


The Dtore

Dave (The Dtore) Liberatore is an NYC artist born in The Bronx. He started drawing at a young age, filling his school notebooks with drawings and doodles, while developing his own style. Dave’s work ranges from cartoon drawings to macabre paintings. He has displayed his work in NYC galleries as well as in Brazil, Rome and Indonesia. With some big projects on deck, Dave’s place in the game will continue to rise.



Born in Dayton, Ohio, EriCa Ham aka theohiogirl came to New York City to go to art school. After getting her fine arts degree she worked as a photographer’s assistant and then became Creative Director for an independent record label.

Freelancing for many clothing lines and magazines in between. EriCa grew tired of building other clients’ brands and not receiving recognition, so she soon decided to start and build her own brand. She started a t-shirt line called Halfbrooklyn.

Her love of street art led her to making t-shirts for some of her favorite street artists which then inspired her to create art and clothing for the streets. She designed a little blue bear with the spirit of the borough she loved, Crooklyn. You can find her little blue bear wheat pasted all over NYC.


Tine Kindermann

Tine Kindermann is a visual artist and musician from Berlin, Germany, who has been living and working in New York City since 1993. A figurative artist working in various media, her work, which includes miniature tableaux and dioramas, video and painting, has been shown at Stephen Romano Gallery, the Governors Island Art Fair, RePop, Mark Miller Gallery and other galleries in New York City, as well as Neurotitan Gallery and Gallery Kurt im Hirsch in Berlin. Together with Deborah Ugoretz, Tine curates exhibitions for Yiddish New York, an annual cultural festival in NYC.



Token 3784

Token is heavily influenced by graffiti and the street art genre, his art is mostly in that style, however, the subject matter is mostly drawn from the experiences that he has had throughout his life. Token has no formal training in art, any technics he has developed are from trial and error or stolen (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery) from other artists with or without their permission. His favorite medium is the streets but when he isn’t spray painting his name on the wall he likes canvas and mostly acrylics and markers and isn’t afraid to mash some other materials in there.

Token also works with Le Crue Eyebrows on The Fl00d project, curating shows at the Cypress Inn Café in Ridgewood, Queens amongst other projects.


Tom Krantz

Tom Krantz is a self-taught artist living in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Much of his work is the product of mistakes that are made when finishing a painting. For both artist and subject, each piece finds its charm in learning to accept the flaws that define them. Their failure makes them familiar. Because of this, the artist’s style is constantly evolving as he learns to explore and embrace ambition.


Tom Tom Fashions

Thomas Knight (aka Tom Tom Fashions) is a designer and artist, born and raised in NYC. Specializing in wearable art, he has created custom garments for Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Fergie and many more.


Tori Poor

Tori Poor was created by a circus performer father and antique dealer mother in 1989 & she’s been trying to mesh those two worlds together through art ever since. Tori opened up a vintage shop called Poor Girl in Jacksonville, FL in 2012. In January 2020, after 8 glorious yet trying years, she decided to close it down & begin the next (undecided) venture. Stay tuned!


Urban Russian Doll

Tsvetana Dondero aka Urban Russian Doll is a self-taught artist. She uses acrylics and oils for the base in her paintings and often adds mica powder, fabric, spray paint, mink and other media to emphasize the colors and the emotional message. Tsvetana has also launched a street art campaign titled “Why Wait? Love Now.” which includes sculptures and stickers with her message and self-designed campaign logo that pictures a hugging couple.

Tsvetana Dondero is an artist who is constantly basking in her emotions. She invites you to accompany her in the pleasure of feeling, loving and being alive.



Vanessa Kreytak

Statement from artist: My name is Vanessa Kreytak. I am a native NY artist, born and raised on Staten Island. A deep connection with the arts runs through my veins, courtesy of my mom, who has inspired me to take up everything from sculpture to paint from age 4 to now.



Statement from artist: My name is XEROX and I’m a mixed media artist. I started drawing and painting at the age of five and my first creative influence was comic books and Saturday morning cartoons. As I approached my teenage years I was exposed to graffiti and went around with my friends tagging buildings and eventually got bored of wasting paint just to write my name on the wall. So I decided to start doing full murals and got better at it over the years. Going into my college years, I thought art was all about street arts and comics but at Syracuse University I was exposed to much more. I picked up figure drawing books and studied people’s faces, practiced for months and began to develop a more realistic style of illustrating. Now I take what I’ve learned my whole life and apply it to my artwork, merging styles like graffiti, realism and even comics together. I’m also merging media like spray paint, color pencils, markers, water colors and much more. I feel being an artist is the opportunity to be free, so I want everything the art world has to offer and I want to absorb all the possible information, styles and techniques that I can and not be limited to one style.


X The Artist

Laced with Hip Hop aesthetics, X The Artist creates work that dares to speak to the best and worst of our world.

X cites his mixed media/collage style as a strategic approach to critical social analysis. It is, if nothing else, a manifesto that acknowledges the role of the artist in the 21st century. But don’t let this intelligent engagement with creativity intimidate you. The Brooklyn native creates art for all and his talent has garnered him commissions from some of Hip Hop’s notables including Curren$y, Jim Jones, SONNY DIGITAL, ChopHouze336 Recording Studio, DjESudd and 2Chainz+.

Still, there is a complexity that cannot be ignored. Where many artists refuse to take risks, X The Artist pushes boundaries drawing inspiration from everyday materials, scenes, news reports, and music. One has only to look at pieces such as Money Power Respect or Vertical to see evidence of an artist invested in interrogating complicated realities. Each piece, a collage of oils, acrylics, found objects such as cans and even dollar bills, represents what the artist refers to as “organized chaos.” Indeed, his work mirrors, the multiple dimensions of any individual at any given moment.

And from where does one learn to think about art in these terms you might ask? No other place than at home. Inspired by his great-grandmother Martha Jane Pettway (famous quilter), who is known as a woman before her time, X The Artist treats the creation process the way he says Martha Jane Pettway treated her life – with style and grace.